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Strain type: Hybrid Dominant terpene: Limonene Parent strains: Unknown Activities: Getting ready for bed, chilling on the couch Backstory: This potent hybrid will get your attention with its lumpy bud structure and colorful foliage boasting shades of olive green, orange, and deep purple. The smell of Apple Fritter is extremely pungent, and the flavor is reminiscent of apples.
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Rna Transcriptomics Market Top Manufacturers, Size, Business Scenario, Share, Growth, Insights, Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecasts Report 2028
The global RNA transcriptomics market size is expected to reach USD 12.46 Billion in...
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Animal Free Dairy Products Market Market Size, Revenue Analysis, Opportunities, Trends, Product Launch, 2022–2030
Emergen Research has recently published a detailed report on the global Animal Free Dairy...
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Car Tuning Market Size, Share, Growth, Sales Revenue and Key Drivers Analysis Research Report by 2028
The global car tuning market size was significantly robust in 2020 and is expected to register a...
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Iris Recognition Market Share Growing Rapidly with Recent Trends and Outlook 2021 – 2027
The Global Iris Recognition Market is forecasted to be worth USD 5.88 billion by 2027,...
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Health Foods Market Size, Revenue Growth Trends, Company Strategy Analysis, 2022–2030
Emergen Research has recently published a detailed report on the global Health Foods...
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