Recipe for Disaster OSRS Quest
    The Recipe for Disaster OSRS is an adventure that's been played since the beginning of RuneScape, and it's still an extremely popular adventures within Old School RuneScape. The blog will summarize the steps you must take from start to finish. A few tips to make things easier for yourself.  It is a quest made up of 10 subquests that range in difficulty from easy to very hard. It's intended as something nearly anyone can start, but only the most skilled and willing players complete it....
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    The Ultimate OSRS P2P Prayer Guide (1-99)
     Prayer is a pretty easy and quick skill, with no requirements. The drawback is that it's an expensive skill to reach Level 99. Therefore, some players choose to quit at level 70 to practice Piety or at Level 74 for Rigour. In this OSRS Prayer Guide will go over the best ways to improve your skills so that you don't waste your precious time and money.  OSRS Prayer Guide    Prayer was a technique which was first introduced at the start of the game. It had previously...
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    Twitter on Tuesday announced its new feature called Twitter Circle
    Twitter on Tuesday announced its new feature called Twitter Circle. Much like the Instagram’s close friends feature, the newly launched Twitter Circle gives you more control by allowing you to create smaller group for sharing your thoughts. It can have up to 150 people. It is designed to allow people to share thoughts with a smaller crowd, rather than the full Twitterverse. The service was first trialled back in May and was rolled out fully on Tuesday. The impetus behind the circles is...
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