The Fighting Old School Runescape Hellhounds
     Hellhounds are mid-to high-level demonic monsters that are found in OSRS. They are a popular task for high-level masters of slayers, such as Duradel or Neive. Cerberus is a slayer that can be killed in lieu of regular hellhounds but only on an Hellhound slayer task. Cerb is a kind of boss who is relatively easy to kill, you can read the Cerberus guides here.   If you're a mid-to high-level player, and you're a Slayer and Slayer, there's a great chance that you'll have to fight...
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Strain type: Hybrid Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene Parent strains: OG Kush, Durban Poison Activities: Chilling on the couch, hanging with friends, spacing out Backstory: GSC is a cross of a Durban Poison pheno (F1 Durb) and an elite OG Kush. Later marketed to acclaim by rapper Berner, GSC, or Cookies, became the foundation of one of the top cannabis cultivar families of the legalization era, spawning multiple strains like Gelato and pretty much anything with “Cookies” in its name. The best GSCs look dense, dark, and glistening, with a complex and inviting smell, layers of grape and fuel, and scrumptious butter-sugar cookie notes.
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