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Strain type: Hybrid Dominant terpene: Limonene Parent strains: Triangle Kush, Animal Mints Activity: Chilling on the couch, hanging with friends, spacing out Backstory: The strain that started the cake craze, Wedding Cake is relaxing with a strong body and head high, likely from its Kush and Cookies lineage. The mix of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints gives it a unique rich and tangy flavor profile with sweet cookie notes.
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Satta Matka Result | Accurate and Instant
Satta King is played on several markets. It is a type of betting game with strict rules. You must...
By gauravkseo 2022-12-06 15:37:51 0 96
Madden 23 free coins development team has expanded the game's roster
The Madden 23 Field Pass grants access to a wide variety of rewards, the vast majority of which...
By sunflowering 2022-12-21 09:52:50 0 115
Stanley Cup Last Sport 3 & Memorial Cup open up thread
2022 Memorial CupHamilton Bulldogs (OHL) Saint John Sea Pet dogs (Host)Begin period: 6:00 PM EDT...
By NGgfghjh 2022-09-23 08:27:46 0 190
Recipe for Disaster OSRS Quest
The Recipe for Disaster OSRS is an adventure that's been played since the beginning of RuneScape,...
By game4ur 2023-01-18 07:32:25 0 33
Biocomposites Market Overview, Merger and Acquisitions , Drivers, Restraints and Industry Forecast By 2030
A Global Biocomposites Market Research Report from Emergen Research has been formulated...
By Vaishnavi 2022-11-22 09:58:09 0 87