Twitter on Tuesday announced its new feature called Twitter Circle. Much like the Instagram’s close friends feature, the newly launched Twitter Circle gives you more control by allowing you to create smaller group for sharing your thoughts. It can have up to 150 people.

It is designed to allow people to share thoughts with a smaller crowd, rather than the full Twitterverse.

The service was first trialled back in May and was rolled out fully on Tuesday.

The impetus behind the circles is to help users gain more control over their privacy, though Twitter warns Circle tweets will still be subject to the platform's community guidelines.

Basically, the feature is a lot like Instagram Close Friends. You get to choose the group of people who can exclusively access your Circle posts. The idea is to make these posts more private though, of course, nothing is that private on the internet.

Anyone on Twitter can be added to a circle even if they aren’t a follower. Once in the circle, they’ll be able to see Tweets and replies shared in that circle. The admin has the flexibility to edit the circle anytime he or she wants. People won’t be notified when they are removed from the circle.  For now, Twitter allows you to have just one Twitter Circle.

To create a Twitter circle, follow these steps:

    Open you Twitter and go to the tweet compose box. For those who are using the app for the first time after the release of this update, the app will ask you if you want to share your tweet with a smaller crowd. On tapping yes, it will show you a dialog box explaining how the feature works.
    In the tweet compose box, you will see a drop-down box that lets you choose audience for your tweet. Choose public if you don’t want to limit your viewers for that tweet and post it in a regular way or select Twitter circle in case you want a more closed group of viewers.
    You will find an edit button just next to the Twitter Circle. Tap on it and select the members to add or remove from your circle.

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